Hip-Hop artists, it time for
all of us to actively guide
and uplift our people.
Whichever way we would  
like to look at it, the fact  is
that it's our duty to do what
ever we can to educate and
bring about positive change
for our people. We artists
are not necessarily warriors
or soldiers but we are
teachers. We teach many
things: street game, life
lessons, knowledge of self. It
is our duty to teach
righteous lessons to all of
our listeners.  Sadly, I have
heard rappers state that it is
not there job to address
social issues and moral
crimes such as the 300 plus
murders of unarmed Afro
Americans by police & racist
every year here in the United
States. Some hip-hop artists
are what can be called
“conscious” MC's and have
always dropped knowledge
in the best way they knew
how. Unfortunately, many
conscious MC's today are
stuck in the underground
receiving no mainstream
support from the radio, video
or music companies. These
conscious MC's drop
information that can uplift
and help the masses but they
miss many of the masses
because for One:
Today conscious or positive
MC's haven't been promoted as
heavily as main stream or so
called "Gangsta Rappers"
which has lead to them not
being as popular as their
"Gangsta Rapper" counter
. and Two:
In many cases the
sophisticated lingo used is
misunderstood by  those that
need to hear it the most-
which are our
undereducated brothers and
sisters in America's ghettos.
So the job falls on the so called
gangsta, playa mainstream MCs
to help their conscious Hip-Hop
counter parts educate the
masses. Mainstream MC’s need
to produce positive messages in
their music and help their
conscious brethren be heard by
the people. Every track a
mainstream MC makes does not
have to be a so called "positive
message" orientated song but in
our communities dysfunctional
and chaotic state they (we)
must recognize the need for
positive role models and
positive messages. The fact  
rather they accept it or not
todays Hip-Hop stars are role
I consider my self a conscious
street MC. Ive been labeled a
"Gangsta Rapper" and I have no
qualms with this because much
of my music is hard core
however from the beginning of
my career I've dropped positive
tracks as well. This has long
been part of my "Gangsta-
Knowledge" philosophy which
today I call "Gangsta-Science".
I use my fan base and street
credibility to educate and uplift
those most in need. I am asking
my fellow Hip-Hop artist to do
no more or less. MC’s who have
grown successful by the
support of the people have a
responsibility to the people.
This is an intrinsic
responsibility to  support ones
community and fellow man. I
am asking all Hip-Hop artist to
drop positive tracks that are  
properly promoted with top
notch production
(i.e. a bangin' beats) and
educational, inspirational and
uplifting content. Not just once
every several albums but on
every LP dropped if not more;
this is just a small thing we as
Hip-Hop artists can do.  
Remember and know this:
If you are Black or Brown it is
your undeniable duty to do
what is in your ability to uplift
your people. If your are a
human of any color it is your
responsibility to do your part,
small or large to uplift and
educated the poor and needy
with in your human famnily.
This is not a secular duty. This
is a spiritual obligation
I will be sending this letter to all the Dj's and Hip-
Hop artists I know and ask them to pledge to do this
Neo- Conscious Hip-Hop Movement and to resend
this letter to every DJ & MC they know. This will be
a chain letter designed to break chains.  For those
who can and wish to do more, I salute you. For those
who take up the responsibility of helping and
healing “their” people, I thank them and offer any
assistance I am able.

In the spirit of this true cultural revolution I have
released a new song for free down load from my up-
and- coming
FREE album “The Hugh E “P” MC LP"
I Cant Take it No Mo!!!
Cultural Revolution:
A letter to the Hip Hop Nation
"I Cant Take it No Mo!!